Ok I am about to roll my server back if I can get this resolved. I am setting up Zimbra as a test server with a temp public .net domain that I will use to evaluate Zimbra. Once I deiced it is a go then I will change to the .com domain we are currently using. When I set up my Ubuntu 10.04 server w/ Zimbra 7 my name of the server was zmail.mydomain.lan for the in house. Then after I got things going I added the external test domain mydomain.net. While I have been able to send and receive email on the server and even pass all tests at the MX Toolbox diag test I am still having errors in the Webadmin page when I hit the .net domain MX record test it gives same MX error. The orginal .lan does not give me an error. I am thinking of just starting over with the .net instead of the .lan. I do not want an errors before I move forward. Keep in mind the last time I had had Unix/Linux training was in college before the turn of the century. Any help would be greatly appreciated.