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Thread: Zimbra Open Source-Multiserver installation.

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    Exclamation Zimbra Open Source-Multiserver installation.


    I have installed a Zimbra 7.1 open source edition in Multi server environment
    Here is my setup
    Zimbra FE:-zimbramta,zimbra proxy installed,zimbraldap replica,memcahced
    Zimbra LDAP:-zimbra LDAP master
    Zimbra Mailbox:-zimbramailbox

    Problem i am facing is that when i am trying to connect through front end server ip add it is showing login screen but after entering user id password it is not getting logged in and generates error in Nginx logs.Same it is working with mailbox server ip add

    Can some one help on this issue

    Please find error in attached file
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    That error message looks like you have the proxy and the mailbox daemon on the same box, and you have a mismatch in the config between what ports they're supposed to be using. It looks like the proxy it attempting to connect to to the mailbox server and connecting to itself instead, causing a proxy loop.

    You might want to look into the zmproxyinit command and see if it fixes up your config.

    See Enabling Zimbra Proxy - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    I have followed the same link which you have given.Also as mentioned i have installed proxy role on different server not on mailbox server

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