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Thread: zimbra logger stopped when server restart

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    Default zimbra logger stopped when server restart

    i have installed 5.0.11_GA_2695.RHEL5_64 on rhel 5.5. it working properly.but now zimbra logger and stats service stopped.i try to start or restart it does not work.then i restart the server and monitor the zmcontrol's works.But couple of day after it's automatically down.
    Then i monitor the server memory usage.server memory is fully used at the logger and stats stopped.

    what can i do?please give me a help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dam8300 View Post
    what can i do?
    You should first upgrade to the most recent version of Zimbra (after taking a suitable backup) then look in the log files if you still have any errors. If you do still have a problem then search the forums as there are many threads (and solutions) to this question including a troubleshooting article in the wiki.


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