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Thread: Changing domains + machines?

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    Question Changing domains + machines?

    Hi all, sort of in a pickle here.. or maybe I'm not. Would love some help!

    We are moving our Zimbra OpenSource 7.2 install off of one machine, and onto another. Simple enough right?

    Except, when this server was originally set up, the domain was incorrectly set up at the time... and the issue was skirted over by adding a domain alias.

    So now, I'm trying to get the install on the nice machine, and get the domain set up properly, as in I don't want to transfer over exactly the old install as is.

    What is my best plan of attack here? I currently have the old wonky machine running, on 7.2 OpenSource, and 7.2 OpenSource clean install on the new server with the correct domain settings.

    Would love to keep briefcase stuff, calendar stuff, and of course mail. But if I can just escape with mail I'll be a happy camper.

    What do you guys think? I'm sure it's simpler than I'm making it, just don't know the proper way to handle this type of situation.

    Thanks all.

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    Move your server 'as is' to the new machine then remove the alias for your domain and rename the original domain to the name you want. I'd suggest you don't try and move it and rename it at the same time. There are several threads and wiki articles on moving from one server to another, there's also a Zimbra Certified wiki article on the subject - it's actually a 32bit to 64bit move but you can ignore the steps that relate to that part of the move (the LDAP dump and restore). When you've done the move, read the wiki article on renaming a domain and follow those steps. Obviously all this is prefaced with the words - take suitable backups during this process.


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