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Thread: Cold-Standby Server, possible?

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    Default Cold-Standby Server, possible?

    Hi Folks,

    I have zimbra server 7.1.1 configured on CentOS 6. And I am planning to build a Cold-standby server for any exigencies. Now my idea is to build another host on hypervisor and keep cold-standby.

    Now I have following questions and would like to see the zimbra Guru's comments

    1] Since this is open source, is it a good idea to keep server Cold-standby?

    2] How can i replicate the data, I am thinking that configuring twice a day

    3] Would rsync /opt/zimbra directories keep them in sync?

    4] Is there any other method available for syncing between cold-standby and Production server?

    Any other suggestion is welcome.

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    There are some threads here covering this. Just search for cold standby.

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    if this is only single server setup, you could try live sync method described in

    basically, the mirror server will rysnc to live server if there any changes on mailbox, mysql and/or ldap every specified time

    hostname or atleast zmhostname on both live and mirror must be the same, manual intervention needed to bring up mirror server and reconfigure A record on DNS.

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    Yes, this is single server setup and this may be useful to me. Let me try digging further.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

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