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Thread: Backup Exec and Zimbra

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    Default Backup Exec and Zimbra

    Zimbra 7.1.4 on SLES11 SP2. We backup our mail server using backup exec 2010 R3. I noticed when the job completes, there are about 10 or so zimbra files it can not open:
    Unable to open the item \\\[ROOT]/opt/zimbra/db/data/mboxgroup1/mail_item.ibd - skipped.

    All 10 of these are in ]/opt/zimbra/db/data/ and then mboxgroupXX. How can i safely backup the missed files with backup exec or can i safely exclude these files from the backup?

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    Are you using Network Edition or Open Source?

    If you're using Network you should (as far as I'm aware) be backing up the zimbra backup directory, not /opt/zimbra.

    If you're using the Open Source edition... sorry, don't have any experience backing those up.
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    The files in question belong to the LDAP server, and you can't back those up and have them come out intact without shutting down the LDAP server first. The same goes for MySQL's datafiles, except that it doesn't lock them the same way, so your backup will still back them up, they just won't be usable when you restore them if it was actually running when you did it.

    LDAP and MySQL both have their own backup facilities that can be used to back them up while they're still running (slapcat and mysqldump [and XtraBackup if you're adventurous]).

    If you're on Network Edition it takes care of all of this for you and you only have to worry about getting the backups it made for you off to better storage than the local disk.

    There's forum posts and wiki pages all over on various ways to back up the Open Source Edition.

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