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Thread: Moving from single to multi-domain setup questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMStone View Post
    Suggest you set up a separate mailbox on the master domain and add all those addresses as aliases. If you actually set up a mailbox called "" you will find it gets locked out periodically when mal-intentioned persons try logging in.

    Thank you very much for your patience and valuable advice! Off to buy a new domain and read up on renaming the server using ZmSetServerName.

    P.S. I can't find the "Solved" button, but this thread has been SOLVED Till next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by yonatan View Post
    I've gone through about 14 pages of google search results for the Zimbra forums relating to multi-domain setups.

    The posts I've read discuss two ways of configuring a Zimbra server to handle more than one domain. One approach uses the default (or first domain) as the mx record for all further domains. I guess this is similar to how hosting companies work in that you point your domain to google apps or whatever it is.

    With the second method you configure both the public and private DNS records to reflect the new domains. In contrast to the previous approach, each domain looks as if it "lives" on its own email server.

    Help me decide what to do.
    I too shall prefer the second method, if its possible to configure so.

    Request you to please post on how to do that.

    Another question I have is, since the MX of all the domains point to a single IP (Public) with corresponding A records, does this not cause issues with NSLOOKUP by external mailservers?

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