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Thread: Outbound Authentication Failure after Update to 7.2.0

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    Default [solved]Outbound Authentication Failure after Update to 7.2.0

    Everything was working fine until I tried to upgrade last night, now when I try to send mail out of my domain, I get an undelivered. "host[] said:
    550 You must authenticate to use MailHop Outbound (in reply to MAIL FROM
    command" If i try to execute

    postmap -q /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
    I get

    postmap: fatal: open /etc/postfix/ No such file or directory
    I cannot run zmprov, I get

    zmprov: command not found
    I am at a loss. All services are running via the administrator console.

    I tried to restore to a tar backup that I made before the updates but I loose connectivity and get alot of soap errors, no mail flow in any direction. I reran the update and now have internal mail flow again and eternal mail flows in but again have the outbound auth problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default My solution

    For some reason the settings were reset in regards to authenticating to the mailhop. I repeated the steps presented here and I now have mail flow again. I thank anyone who might have tried researching this. The zmprov errors were due to the fact that i was not running the commands via zimbra user. Thanks again.

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