Have restored Zimbra OSE after a dead disk.
All services start.
zmdbintegrityreport comes up clean.
zmfixperms has been run.

ZWC comes up, login accepted, but things never progress past the theme splash screen.
Zimbra Admin console never comes up to login prompt.
No IMAP/POP sessions can pull data.

zmmailbox command can attach/query accounts just fine.

Let me try to ensure all relevant details are included:

ZCS OSE 7.1.4 - RHEL5 x64 build
CentOS 5.8 x64
Run as a VM (2 vCPU, 2GB RAM)
- this is for a 2-user system.
- running under this configuration for ~4 years without perf issues.

Cold backups via Bacula of /opt/zimbra

hypervisor disks dead, so too all VMs sitting on it.

Fix Process
  • Fresh install of hypervisor w/ new disks.
    Fresh OS install, patch.
    Fresh ZCS 7.1.4 Open Source Edition install - RHEL5 x64 build.
    Login to the fresh instance admin console fine.
    Stop fresh instance.
    mv fresh instance from /opt/zimbra to /opt/zimbra.default
    Restore from successful FULL backup to /opt/zimbra.
    zmfixperms -v run - all reports OK.
    zmdbintegrityreport -r -v run - all reports OK.
    - actually manually ran the full CLI for the mysqlcheck with the -m and -e options just for giggles
    - all report OK.
    Can run the zmmailbox command and attach to various accounts.
    - all accounts appear OK.

    /var/log/zimbra.log empty.
    /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log showing normal entries.

I'm at a loss to understand where to go to understand the behaviour.