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Thread: moving a domain to another server

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    Default moving a domain to another server


    Ive setup a server to run with zimbra 2 years ago, with plenty of ram, and about 2TB disk space.
    I am hosting several domains, with a couple of thousand accounts on it.

    My plans about the internal network changed, and i now want to seperate those server, into 3 or 4 virtual servers with different type of hardware limits.

    Currently the OS is centos 5.X latest stable (which is marked as deprecated with 7.2), and zimbra 7.1 community edition.

    The new servers will be either centos, redhat,or oracle linux (6.x tree), with latest zimbra.

    Old and new servers are in LAN, different subnets.
    Old server was behind NAT, new servers will be the same.

    Now whats the best approach to move domains to new servers ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mesbaba8 View Post
    Now whats the best approach to move domains to new servers ?
    As far as I know, the only way to do this without lose any user preferences or sharing information is to use ZeXtras.

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