I've already seen this in several threads and although it looks like this is working for most people, I am still having issues. My current setup is on Ubuntu 10.04 running ZCS OSS 7.1.4. I am using Thunderbird v12 along with Lightning v1.4.

What I have done is created a user (calendar@domain.com) and shared the calendar with the entire company. I have accepted the share for (user1) and (user2). I've also gone ahead and added the calendar to Lightning via CalDAV and used the link (https://mail.domain.com/dav/<username>/<CalName>). The calendar shows up fine and I am able to create events fine. However, the free/busy schedule keep pointing back the the (calendar@domain.com). If I create an event for (user1) it shows that (calendar@domain.com) is the author of the event and that they are the one that is busy during that time. I have also tried this from the web interface and still receive the same results. Am I doing something wrong here?

Any help would be appreciated. I am planning on bringing the server live this weekend and this is the last thing that I need to knock out. I swear I had this working fine during my initial test environment, but am now running into walls everywhere.