Hi, I am triyng to validate accounts using active directory ldap. I am not using native active directory because the domain I wish to validate is different from the AD domain (may be I don't know how to do in that way).
I am facing ldap error 49 ... 525 reporting bad dn, but I can't find the error.
Using ldapsearch the dn is reported correctly.

Here my settings:
zimbraAuthLdapSearchBase: dc=ced,dc=aos
zimbraAuthLdapSearchBindDn: "CN=ldap_browser,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=ced,DC=aos"
zimbraAuthLdapSearchBindPassword: secret
zimbraAuthLdapSearchFilter: (&(samAccountName=%u)(objectClass=OrganizationalPe rson))
zimbraAuthLdapURL: ldap://
zimbraAuthMech: ldap

Here my ldapsearch test:
ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:// -b "DC=ced,DC=aos" -D "CN=ldap_browser,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=ced,DC=aos" -w secret "(&(samAccountName=daniele)(objectClass=Organizati onalPerson))" dn

dn: CN=daniele,OU=gsi,DC=ced,DC=aos

zimbra is zcs-7.2.0_GA_2669.UBUNTU10_64.20120410002303 on ubuntu 10.04 64 bit

I guess is something related to AD/non standard ldap but I am not able to find a clue or a way to troubleshoot the problem.
Anybody can help me?
Thank you