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    Default Changing Default Email's

    Hey everyone,

    First let me say that i have a pretty decent understanding of the linux OS and how different servers operate on it. I have setup mail servers, web servers, samba domain controllers, etc....

    Anyways, this is my first zimbra server and im finding customizing it a bit daunting because i have to back track all of the system and documentation to get were i want.

    So yea, on to the main point

    I want to change the "yes, i will attend" message after accepting a calendar invite. I assume that there is a folder somewhere with all of the template files for emails like that. Does anyone know were that folder is? or if its not a folder, how i should go about doing this.


    EDIT: -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Just in case anyone else wishes to do this, i found the information i needed here.

    you can change all of the default messages in that file.


    EDIT 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    To edit the same file for the desktop client, it's locations is (Zimbra Install Dir)\jetty\webapps\zimbra\WEB-INF\classes\messages
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