I have a ZCS 7.2 open source server running on ubuntu 10.04LTS server. It is a virtual machine using Oracle Virtualbox.

I wanted to migrate to using VMware server for various reasons. I figured while I was at it I would just start from scratch on the install and migrate my two users as I have done in the past.

So my "new" server in ZCS 7.2 open source, ubuntu 10.04LTS as a VMware Virtual Machine. With my virtualbox server running, I went to 'Preferences', 'Import/Export', and exported my account to a .tgz file. I shut down that server and fired up my new vmware virtual machine. I created my account and did the same process in reverse, trying to import the .tgz file to get my account back.
However, very little of my files actually come back. I seem to only get email that is in folders I have created. In other words, the inbox, sent, and deleted boxes are empty. My calendars did not move, and my address book is also empty. Very strange!!

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Are there other files or logs or something I can give you that might help you understand my problem?
Thanks for your help in advance.