I am planning on migrating a small company from SBS exchange 2003 to Zimbra 7.2 community edition. But I am a little hesitant because i am not sure about the stability and and restore capabilities. Can you all share your opinion on the stability and backup of the product?.

I am a huge open source fan and know that in the past I have used open source products in the past with great success and this will probably be no different.

My main concerns are this.

Is the backup straight forward? As easy as backing up a mysql database?
Can I restore individual mailboxes? Individual mail?

I read the admin guide on backups and it says I need to shutdown the mailbox server, i guess this is ok if I do it around 0200AM.

I plan on installing centos 6 and open source zcs 7.2, is this a good idea? Ideally i would just run with this but I get paid to support this company and want to make sure i wont get caught with my pants down.