I really don't know if this has been asked ever before.
Please forgive me, if so.

We do have a simple problem which hopefully can easily be solved:

- Existing, great working zimbra installation (7.1.3_GA_3346.FOSS which will be upgraded hopefully this night or the next)
- main domain "domain-notgood.de"
- alias domain "domain-verygood.de"

This works perfectly as we can receive our mails at domain-notgood.de and also at domain-verygood.de.

Now this is the question:

How can we switch these two domains, so that domain-verygood.de will become the main domain and that we are sending from this domain also?
And that the old domain domain-notgood.de will be the alias domain in future?

I really really hope that we can do that!

So long, best regards,