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Thread: Zimbra OSS on VMWare with ZFS

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    Default Zimbra OSS on VMWare with ZFS

    Our company is migrating over to the Virtual world. We have a NAS/SAN built on ZFS. I am running all the VMs on a small SSD storage pool on the SAN via iSCSI. We are going to bring our email in house with Zimbra. I want everything critical in Zimbra on the SAN but not in the same pool as the VMs for performance reasons. So, I have seen talk of putting the entire /opt/zimbra folder on the SAN. Is it just a matter of copying everything in the opt/zimbra folder to a folder on the SAN and editing fstab to point to the iscsi share?


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    That should be fine. Just make sure you're not using NFS or CIFS or any kind of network file system. Make sure its an iSCSI volume that you can actually mount as a volume within the Zimbra server and have a local filesystem on.
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    If you are running vmware, you may want vaai for performance with iscsi. We have a zfs appliance at that you can use for free. it will give you the vaai code.

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