Hey guys,
I have created a no-reply@domain.com user for a department which is trying to curb direct contact. I only created it as a user because I thought I may need to in order to set the signature (not sure this is true).

I would like to do the following 3 things via CLI (I've figured out 1 and 2):
1) Add the no-reply user as an alias to account
Zmprov ma user@domain.com +zimbraAllowFromAddress no-reply@domain.com
2) Add the no-reply user as a persona to a user's account
Zmprov cid user@domain.com "No Reply" zimbraPrefFromAddress no-reply@domain.com zimbraPrefFromDisplay "No Reply" zimbraPrefIdentityName "No Reply"
3) Create a signature for the persona and set it as the default for that persona???

I know I can create a signature for an account with something like:
zmprov csig user@domain.com no-reply-sig zimbraPrefMailSignatureHTML "This is a signature."
How would you create a signature and set it as the default signature for a specific persona via CLI? I'd like to be able to do this without having to login as the user I'm adding the persona to.