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Thread: Block zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled

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    Default Block zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled


    Subsequently received emails fishing and password for use in spam campaigns. Users, even if directed, continue to provide its data to the cracker.

    The cracker, when given the facts of user access, change the field to TRUE zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled and inserts an e-mail response difernete to receive the returns of the spam messages.

    I wonder if it is possible to block the change of the field zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled?

    Thank you!

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    I am a network edition user and have a ticket open with this question. I am awaiting a response.

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    I dont think block of change of this field is possible but definitely you can set the attribute to false.

    zimbra@zcs147:~$ zmprov desc -a zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled
    TRUE if we should set a reply-to header

    type : boolean
    value :
    callback :
    immutable : false
    cardinality : single
    requiredIn :
    optionalIn : group,distributionList,identity,account
    flags : domainAdminModifiable
    defaults :
    min :
    max :
    id : 405
    requiresRestart :
    since :
    deprecatedSince :

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    Thanks for your reply prashant. That is indeed what was suggested to me. As I understand it, the user can just go and check the box in their preferences, turn it back on, then type in a reply to address. My users would not find this, but I'm really not wanting to keep my users from changing this, it is the bad guys that have phished passwords from my users.

    As a workaround, it was suggested that I could just turn off preferences tab, but that won't work in my case, as my users need access to create out of office messages.

    There is a bugzilla feature request here: Bug 83916 ? Ability to restrict the reply-To address to the addresses that the user has the right to send as.

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