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Thread: attachments in filesystem?

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    Question attachments in filesystem?

    Hello, i am using zimbra 4.03 in debian, i have any problems with files that have been corrupted in upload (i think the problem it is i was using many logins, cookies problem, from the same webclient when i upload this attachments to notebook), well the problem it is that when i try to re-upload the same file, it fails anyway although i overwrite the old file, well i thought delete the original file and here it is my question, where i can find this files in the filesystem? or database? or any other way that zimbra web client (it is a notebook shared to all users from a common user so i cant view this with imap client), thanks in advance.

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    Default !bump!

    Pease anyone can help me with this? Thanks.

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    Default where are attachments stored on the filesystem? database?

    I also would like an answer to this question.
    I too have noticed that overwriting a file does not seem to work.
    Also deleting the message from the Notebook does not seem to
    delete the file from the database.

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