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Thread: Search not Working for one user, but working for others

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    Default Search not Working for one user, but working for others

    Hi all,

    I have a weird sittuation I would liek help troubleshooting. The search function is not working on the web interface for one of my users. You can eneter a search, but no matter what you type, it always comes back empty. I loged in to their account and verified this is the behavior.

    The strange thing is that the search is working fine for other users. Can someone help me figure out why this is happening and point me in the direction of solving it?



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    Did you re-index the account via the Admin UI? Do you see any errors in the log files for this user or any general errors?


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    The inbox has not been re-indexed to the best of my knowledge. When I grep the log for the username, all the entries seem normal. No errors or warnings.

    I'm also not seeing any other warnings in the log that look abnormal, but I am not an expert.

    Should I try re-indexing the inbox?
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