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Thread: Deleting an aborted backup using autogroups

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    Default Deleting an aborted backup using autogroups

    I have an archive server that I just began backing up. I have 4300 users and had to abort a backup when it was halfway done after realizing I did not want to 'zip' the backups due to the increase in backup time. I then deleted the backup from the server's backup directory. I then re-started the full backup and the backup started where it left off - meaning it is skipping the first 2000 users. I do have auto-group backups configured. Im wondering when the other 2000 users are going to be backed up?

    Label: full-20120514.193926.739
    Type: full
    Status: in progress
    Started: Mon, 2012/05/14 15:39:26.739 EDT
    Redo log sequence range: 0 .. 0
    Currently backing up:
    Number of accounts: 1124 out of 2267 completed

    I have a total of 4300 archive users - and before the abort and delete it said X out of 4300 users completed.

    Any advice?

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    So the 22xx users finished backing up last night - and tonight a new backup will be running. Does anyone have any idea if the remaining 2000 users will be fully backed up? Im worried - and really need to get a good full backup of each account.


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