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Thread: Configuring mailbox sharing

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    Default Configuring mailbox sharing

    What we currently have in our CRM: Folders.

    Everything is a folder. A folder has a name. A folder can have features.

    Features include:
    - E-mail (including customizable fields to be used in merge fields also)
    - Calendar
    - Documents
    - Properties (customizable fields)

    For example, an employee of our company has a folder named "Fred". Fred has e-mail, he has his own agenda, etc.

    The conference room in our company has it's own folder named "Conference room". It has an agenda, but it has no e-mail. It does have documents and properties. Actually it doesn't have many properties, so this isn't important.

    We also have clients, for example "Client X". This is a client that bought our product and uses it. We sometimes send e-mails to them. We sometimes receive e-mail from them.

    So "Client X" also has a folder. It also has an agenda. It has e-mail. It has documents. And it has properties (containing client data, like address, sales info, etc).

    Now that we are looking into migrating to Zimbra, we of course want to convert all our data to Zimbra. We can make accounts for the employees. They can have e-mail, calendar, etc.

    However, the beamer, the conference room, the clients, etc. etc. will become more difficult. These are folders anyone can access. So we'd like to configure them as shared folders I guess. Publicly shared folders. Visible in anyone's account.

    Right now, I cannot find a way to do this.

    The best I've found is a series of commands I have to execute on the cli to create some form of sharing. But I couldn't get it to work.

    Another thing I've found is shared folders. For example, the sharing of the beamer's inbox folder. I can share it with 1 user. Of course, this is very cumbersome. We'd like to see this implemented differently.

    We believe this should be possible, given the power of Zimbra. But we don't see how yet. Can anyone point us in the right direction?

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    A shared folder must belong to an account (or maybe you can have a shared folder belong to a Resource? not certain). You dont' have to share individually, you can share to Distribution Lists, and these are "discoverable" within the webclient (Preferences, Sharing) - not certain if that gets you closer to what you are after. Or maybe you setup a Resource with Aliases, incoming mail gets filtered via a Rule to go into a specific folder based on who it is from, or who it is to?

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. I will be looking into this.

    However, I must admit I find Zimbra very limiting regarding sharing.

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