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Thread: Cannot properly create regular admin in 6.0.16

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    Default Cannot properly create regular admin in 6.0.16

    Dear community,

    I just installed a ZCS 6.0.16_GA_2998.RHEL5_64_20120404131711, and scratched my head trying to create a regular delegated admin that is able to CREATE, EDIT, ERASE accounts.
    No matter what permissions are set, all functions work great to the new admin user except the CREATE account, because the NEW account button not even shows up.
    The only way is to set the new admin user as a global admin, but having another global admin is a problem for us.
    I have 3 other servers running 6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5_20100616214455 and everything works fine on the described situation.
    Is there a bug on the 6.0.16 regarding account creation with regular delegated admin account usage?

    Best regards

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    Default Solved!

    As the new ZCS7 and over and the 6.0.16, now is necessary to

    Grant roles per domain
    zmprov grr domain usr domainAdminRights

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