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Thread: Easy way to go from Open Source to Network Edition in Zimbra 7.2?

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    Default Easy way to go from Open Source to Network Edition in Zimbra 7.2?


    I recently upgraded from Zimbra 5 to Zimbra 7.2 and was able to migrate over all the necessary information. However, it was not until the new server was ready for production that I learned that I needed to install Zimbra Network Edition and not Open Source!!

    Is there a way to quickly upgrade to the network edition on the same server? Or, will i need to set up another server running Network Edition and migrate the data over again?

    In my searching online I was able to find this link below, but it refers to Zimbra 5. Can anyone tell me if This can be done in newer versions of Zimbra?

    I am new to the forums, so lease let me know if I need to provide any additional information.

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    Default Talk to zimbra sales

    As you will have to purchase a network edition license I'd suggest you contact the sales team who I'm sure will be more than happy to advise you on the upgrade route.

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