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Thread: Attachment problems - global only?

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    Default Attachment problems - global only?

    Network Version 4.0 on CentOS 4.4

    I have a few problems / issues here

    1) When logged in to the admin console I only see a tab to manage attachments on the Global Settings not on a per domain basis. Is this the only way to manage attachments in Zimbra?

    2) When I go into Attachments it looks like all of them are allowed (they are all on the left column) but when I try and send a a .exe attachment I get an error. OK so I go and move the exe attachment to the right side and save it I then try to send teh attachement and I get a failure message.

    I would not think I would have to reload Zimbra for this so why did Not see an affected change. I have all services turned on for this domain.

    Does the attachment tab affect the amavisd configurations? I see in the amavisd.conf an area called soft-blacklists where exe seems to be rejected. Does this conf file get updated by the zimbra admin console?



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    Default Anyone ????

    I actually read in the admin doc that rejected attachments can be controlled at the COS level but all I see is that you can set COS up for allow, view as html, or reject. However the list of controlled attachments seems to only have 1 control point and that is global. I would think that it would be at least on a domain basis.

    Anyway this is a simple question. By default on the Attachments tab the left hand side has some extensions listed and the right is empty. The columns are not labeled thus I do not know if the left hand side is the "reject extemsions" column or if the empty right hand side is where you put extensions to be rejected.

    I ask because I tried attaching an exe extension and sending it and it was rejected. I then moved the exe over to the right column, saved it and resent the same message. Again it was blocked.

    1) Which columns hold attachment extensions to be rejected?
    2) If I set a few to be rejected which aspect of the system am I influencing? Meaning will it make a corresponding change to the amavisd.conf file, a postfix conf file or does it make its way into the postfix_header_checks file? If it does go to a conf file does the act of saving it perform th e'postmap' function on it (if required?) or does something else have to trigger that?

    I am just trying to understand how it works. I plan to use a mail gateway with either MailScanner or Anomy to strip off outgoing and incoming mail attachments but allow the mail to be delivered. Thus from within Zimbra I would to allow ALL attachments. Mainly to see that it is working and in case allowing attachments affects mail in the outbound direction.

    thanks Doug

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