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Thread: Zmcontrol status

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    Default Zmcontrol status

    zmcontrol status displays the following

    zmcontrol status
    Unable to determine enabled services from ldap.
    Enabled services read from cache. Service list may be inaccurate.
    antispam Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    antivirus Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    zmamavisdctl is not running
    zmclamdctl is not running
    convertd Stopped
    convertd is not running.
    imapproxy Stopped
    zmnginxctl is not running
    ldap Stopped
    logger Stopped
    zmlogswatchctl is not running
    mailbox Stopped
    zmmtaconfig is not running.
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    mysql.server is not running
    mailboxd is not running.
    zmmailboxdctl is not running
    memcached Stopped
    memcached is not running.
    mta Stopped
    zmmtaconfigctl is not running
    postfix is not running
    zmsaslauthdctl is not running
    snmp Stopped
    zmswatch is not running.
    spell Stopped
    zmapachectl is not running
    stats Running

    Kindly help me resolve this issue ASAP.
    Thanks in Advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by support View Post
    Kindly help me resolve this issue ASAP.
    There is precious little information in there with which we could debug the problem - there's no information about whether this is a single server install, whether it's a new install or an upgrade, there no information about the release or version of ZCS installed, there's no information from the log files etc., etc., etc.

    There are a multitude of threads in the forums that cover the topic, which of those threads and solutions have you tried? I really don't know how you expect anyone to help you with doing something to help us, and requesting 'ASAP' just isn't acceptable - everyone one these forums posts voluntarily and when they have the time. You should do some research on your problem before requesting help.


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