I have godaddy hosting plan 4GH with domain name Mydomain.com, so i installed my own (Local/Inhous) mail server ZCS 7.2 on CentOSO 6.2 and i configure it its working perfectly ((i do internal and external Views)) , now i can send Emails Everywhere gmail, yahoo but i can not receive using my local server so i want to do the following:

1. i create email account@Mydomain.com on godaddy host, and create the same email account@Mydomain.com on local server i want the local server to receive acopy of retrive all my (godaddy hosting accout) to my (local EmailServer).

in ther hand i want to say:

* how to archive my-Emails on godaddy on my local server.

* how to use mirge my local server to apply to send and forward email the same as the hosting plan emails with out remove any one of them.

* Can i use my local domain as sub-email server using subDomain name