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Thread: Yet Another Backup Script - "File Modified Error"

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    Default Yet Another Backup Script - "File Modified Error"

    I just re-installed the latest zmbak script but it keeps dying most of the way through when creating the backup file. I think I had this same problem years ago when I ran it the first time but dont recall how it was resolved.

    Any suggestions?

    Server is CentOS 5.8 (x64) and the latest ZCS 7.2


    Service down time was - Hr:0 Min:2 Sec:28
    Running A hack... This one to check and start Stats subsystem
    Hack not needed Stats seems to be running fine...
    Writing a full backup: 22_ZimbraBackup_20120529_FULL
    into: with file sizes of max: 4395M
    Saving Unencrtyped Archive...
    WARNING! File modified while reading it for backup: /home/Zimbra-Backup-Temp/22_ZimbraBackup_20120529_FULL.1.dar

    200677 inode(s) saved
    with 731 hard link(s) recorded
    1 inode(s) changed at the moment of the backup
    0 inode(s) not saved (no inode/file change)
    0 inode(s) failed to save (filesystem error)
    0 inode(s) ignored (excluded by filters)
    0 inode(s) recorded as deleted from reference backup
    Total number of inode considered: 200678
    Dar had a problem!
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