Hello, I have just installed ZImbra 7,1,3 FOSS on Ubunu 10.04 64-bit and everything is working well. So far on this mail server, I am using the default, Zimbra Collaboration Suite certificates.

However, I work for the government and I am required to have server certificates that are signed and issued by a trusted third party and given to me by the government.

So, I have been given two files, a .key and a .der file. When I try to verify them, they match but then get an error:

/opt/zimbra/bin/zmcertmgr verifycrt comm x.key x.der
** Verifying x.der against x.key
Certificate (x.der) and private key (x.key) match.
Error loading file /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial/commercial_ca.crt
usage: verify [-verbose] [-CApath path] [-CAfile file] [-purpose purpose] [-crl_check] [-engine e] cert1 cert2 ...
recognized usages:
sslclient SSL client
sslserver SSL server
nssslserver Netscape SSL server
smimesign S/MIME signing
smimeencrypt S/MIME encryption
crlsign CRL signing
any Any Purpose
ocsphelper OCSP helper
timestampsign Time Stamp signing
XXXXX ERROR: Invalid Certificate:

Given these two files, what do I need to do to load these two files and create a certificate for my server?

I have been looking at the following docs but I am lost....
Administration Console and CLI Certificate Tools - Zimbra :: Wiki

Thank you for your help!