I have been searching without luck so far so I hope someone can help me here.

I have a antispam gateway in the front of my small Zimbra (7.2 OSS,Ubuntu) server.

This Gateway is able to check through the LDAP if the account exists and then pass it over. This would be less strain on the Zimbra as Zimbra would only get clean and valid emails, instead of all emails, even those which does not exist on the system.

To achieve the above, I need the following:

LDAP server: - this one is easy
LDAP login: (I put in - uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra, is this correct?)
LDAP password: again, an easy one
LDAP Root container: it should be in the form: DC=yourcompany,DC=com - any ideas?

Can anyone help me to fill the blanks please?

Thank you.