i am new to zimbra and wanted to recheck some questions....

i plan to move my users and all the content of files and calendar aso.. to a new server with a new domain. so therefore i try to find the best possible way doing this.

so whats the best way to do so ?

the old ServerAdomainA account should become an alias address at the new ServerBdomainB Account
so the only thing i want is to move the existing box content to the new account at the new server and disable the mailbox. Theoretically i can do this each by each because we have less users. and after finish sending the user the new login data for the new server or changing the dns records to point to the new server ...

The question is on howto do this in the best possible way. Or i am in the wrong direction. We have done some backups like this
wget -q -O $BACKUPPATH/$username.tgz --no-check-certificate --http-user=$ADMINUSER --http-password=$ADMINPWD https://localhost:7071/service/home/$username/?fmt=tgz

creating a new user at the new server and the export above
and import it ....
what needs to be considered for propper working?

i have seen a lot of ways to migrate somehow ... but i think this scenario can be done very easy.

thanks in advance for information

cheers winston