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Thread: Will this scenario work for me?

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    Default Will this scenario work for me?

    Hello Folks,

    Though this is not exactly a mailing scenario but since have a zimbra involved and not sure how zimbra will react curious to know if the below scenario can be possible for me?

    I have say ZCS installed for domain for which mail server is configured on Private IP address and I have two ISPs configured on firewall say ISP-A and ISP-B

    IP address from ISP-A is and ISP-B is and both are natted to same Internal IP address on my firewall having two MX records added on INTERNET i.e. 10 20

    Now if one of my ISP goes down mails coming from foreign domain will try for first entry if that is not live then it will try for second IP which should get accepted and mails should get delivered??

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    yes this should work fine as zimbra will never know/care if link1 goes down

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    as bdial said it would work, just pay attention to your reverse dns records (PTR). Both records should point to the same address, or you'll risk to have difficulties in getting your mail delivered by some MTAs.
    See ya,

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