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Thread: postfix crash. Where is the log?

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    Default postfix crash. Where is the log?


    I had a working Zimbra 4.03 installation running on Debian. It was serving a main mail domain and several virtual mail domains. It was working fine, but I had to reinstall the machine, so I did a big tgz of the /opt/zimbra and reinstalled: I installed a fresh copy of zimbra 4.03 and removed the /opt/zimbra directory and copied my backup instead. The rest of the machine configuration has stayed the same.

    Everything is working ok except for one important thing: postfix!
    If I send mail within the main mail domain, everything is fine, but if I want to receive mail sent to a virtual domain, I see in the zimbra log: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 relay not permitted
    However, the virtual mail domain is correctly put in the zimbra administration console, so I am lost here.
    This error msg makes postfix crash.

    I do not see any additional info in the various logs; i checked the permissions of redo.log and did a chown -R zimbra.zimbra of /opt/zimbra/index and /opt/zimbra/store but that does not fix the problem.
    Is it a permission wrongly set somewhere? Where can I have a detailed log of what is happening to postfix?

    Thanks for your help!
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