Hello and good evening from Karlsruhe,

im completely new to this forum and hope the administrators Forum is right for my problem.

I have an Zimbra OpenSoure Installation with Zimbra 7.2.0_GA_2669 (Generierung 20120410002303) on a virtual server.
Everything is fine and i am impressed by the product.

What bothers me since about a week is my mails from an external pop account (actually hosted by gmx) are beeing poped from zimbra and deleted on the gmx server but zimbra seems to delete them right away.
They are not in the inbox nor in the spam folder as not in the folder i defined in the external account dialog.

Until about a week, everything was fine and the mails were put in the defined folder.

Even after deleting the external account from zimbra the mails were popped from gmx and deleted just until i changed my gmx password...

Any hints what to do and especially where to look in the logfiles? I already tried the mailbox.log under /opt/zimbra/log/ but there are aabsolutely no entries about my gmx address...

Looking forward to get any helpful hint

KR JoeKar