I effectively mail-bombed my own server last night by trying to send out a mailshot. For whatever reason Zimbra is just mega slow when sending out bulk emails, I'm trying to get to the bottom of that now - but that's another issue.

I have 10,000 mails in the queue and its going through about 100 every 5-6 minutes. Ideally what I want to do is stick the entire queue back into the deferred queue and then before it starts another scan of the deferred queue, flush emails for certain domains out of the queue & get them processed immediately.

Reason being that clients of mine are complaining (quite rightly) about the delays with their emails. 90% of the queue is to do with the mailshot, so I don't give a toss about that and want to prioritise mail for a few domains (both incoming and outgoing mail for those domains).

I've googled around for about 30 mins and got nowhere with this, can anyone suggest anything to do the above?

btw, I tried ./postqueue -s domainname.co.uk

but it just came back with postqueue: fatal: Flush service is not configured for destination "domainname.co.uk"

obviously domainname.co.uk was replaced with the proper name!