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Thread: Colored calendar events

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    Question Colored calendar events

    Dear community,

    I've got a problem. It's not really a problem for me but for my users...
    If I set up a calendar event, I select the date and time, put in detail information and choose a calendar (with a specific color).
    If I have a look in the calendar tab and switch over to week the timeline of the event appears in the color of the calendar BUT the detail pane is completely grey!
    My users wish to have the whole event in the color of the calendar.
    What can I do?

    A frustrated

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    Hi all,

    nobody there?
    What I want to say: The appointments in the calendar should look like this (fully colored): Zimbra - How To for Zimbra Web Client 6.0
    But mine look like this (NOT fully colored): Termin1.jpg

    Please help me.

    Cheers Stefan

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    I have the same problem, and the only solution i have find is migrate to zimbra 8

    Good luke
    ZIMBRA OSE 7.1.4 - UBUNTU 64 SRV 10.04 - 50 USERS

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