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Thread: Submit SSL certificate on Zimbra 5.0

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    Default Submit SSL certificate on Zimbra 5.0

    Hi guys,

    I would like to perform an update of our SSL certificate on zimbra, there are simple steps to do that but I have some doubts about it:

    Installation Prequisites

    This article is written for installations that meet the following prerequisites.

    -This is a new certificate.
    -You generated the CSR via the Administration Console.
    -You sent the CSR to get it signed
    - Download the following files from
    -The /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/commercial has two files:

    In my case, the certificate would be a renewal from a previous which will expire tomorrow. Should I generate the CSR again ?


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    I already have the certificate ( which has the domain.crt and g_bundle.crt, there were downloaded from go daddy...

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    I would like to work with you or at least follow your progress, I am having a few problems myself trying to implement a commercial certificate.
    I however havent used GoDaddy. I have a GeoTrust issued certificate.

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