We have an application server that is "trying" to phone home by sending scripts (including vbs code) and other data back to the developers for troubleshooting. The problem is that the attached files are being flagged as banned content.

Problem - Needing to allow the OUTBOUND sending of messages with banned file attachments:

Even better, if there was a way to allow this specific user (USER1) to send outbound only to that support SMTP address, AND allow inbound messages from that one support smtp address (which will probably also have banned attachments) and cc to a few internal users as well.

I need to be sure there's a way to continue to filter the inbound messages to USER1, as long as the messages are not coming from that support account.

Here's an example of the message the sender is getting back from the MTA


Our content checker found
banned name: .asc,Vista Setup/bin/scripts/i18n-script.vbs

in an email to you from:

Content type: Banned
Our internal reference code for your message is 27328-05/ztpV0KfOtUVe

First upstream SMTP client IP address: [192.168.X.Y]
According to a 'Received:' trace, the message apparently originated at:
[192.168.X.Y], SERVERNAME zimbra-smtp.DOMAIN.COM [192.168.X.Y]

I have found a couple of articles that might be of help, but I am really not sure how to implement them in the way I'm looking for...

Zimbra Junk Mail Options You Didnít Know Existed
(section: Letting banned files through to users, however, I'm looking for outbound)
Zimbra Junk Mail Options You Didnít Know Existed | What a n00b!

How to bypass Amavisd-new filters - This seems to apply to standard postfix installs, and I'm afraid that if I make the sort of changes noted here, I may break Zimbra altogether, and it's a production system.
How bypass Amavisd-new filters | Il blog di steno

Amavis ldap attributes: 'amavisVirusLover' 'amavisBannedFilesLover' 'amavisBypassVirusChecks' (combined with the first article)
Amavis Settings in amavisd-new-attrs.xml - Zimbra :: Wiki

Thanks in advance!