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Thread: Running shred on a message

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    Default Running shred on a message

    I need to find the file containing the contents of an email message on our zimbra server and run the shred command on this file. Can anyone point me to some documentation? I searched for "shred" in the forums but found nothing.


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    OK let me try again asking more specific questions.

    Using the unix find and grep commands I was able to find files in the /opt/zimbra/store folder that contain the subject of the message I need to shred. Is there a unique identifier in the header of the email that would be better to search on than the subject? Message-ID for example? Is this a unique identifier?

    Is there a way using the Open Source Edition to map these files to zimbra email accounts?

    What would happen if I run shred on these files? Will users be able to delete the email from the web client, or would the web client crash?

    Deleting the files/messages is not good enough, I must overwrite the data first.

    I would really appreciate some help on this.

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