When I was a student I used to promote music concerts (U2 for £1) after doing this for a few years I realized that the venue security were the only ones making any money they were ripping us off.

Now in the computer business it is no different, all I want is encrypted passwords, it is very unsatisfactory that the only way to secure a server without nag rubbish coming up in a browser is to pay some rich person more money.

Let me be specific one of these greedy people even paid $20m to get the Russians to fly him into space.

This has been bought to prominence in my mind due to the bugs in the 7.2 outlook and BES connectors, which mean that a simple zimbra update becomes hell. Fixing this is by ignoring certificate rubbish.

Then Zimbra breaks when the certificates expire, what rubbish, why do people put up with this crap.

I want a version of Zimbra without SSL certificates.