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Thread: Certificate security warning after renew

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    Default Certificate security warning after renew

    i am using ZCS open source and now i Have succesfully configure Microsoft outlook 2010 But when i open the Micosoft Outlook 2010 the get the message Internet security Warning message every time .so plz help me

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    Ranjeet Kumar Azad

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    This is a political problem, Zimbra have chosen to implement compulsory use of SSL certifciates, the benifit to you as an adminstrator, is often far less than the hassle created, I posted on this last week and was told that I was posting in the wrong forum, by the moderator. I think this is the right forum. Essentially, the Zimbra position is that this is the way things are done and any issues you get are with the browser or client.

    Anyway lucky for you loads of other people have similar hassle so this has been answered. Just more work for you though. Give me an SSL less version of Zimbra any day.

    Click link below

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