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Thread: Zimbra 7.1 OSS Not copying User marked SPAM to spam trainig account

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    Exclamation [SOLVED] Zimbra 7.1 OSS Not copying User marked SPAM to spam trainig account

    Hi to all.

    First of all, I apologize beacuse I wrote a previous post but gived not too much information.

    I have been reading wiki and searched the formus, and I see another post with the same problem , but any answer too, so here are my problem

    We are using Zimbra 7.1 Open Source Edition

    We have noticed that our system is getting more non classified spam each day, so I checked that spam training accounts (spam and ham) are well configured.

    But then I tried to see what happens when a user select a message and press the spam button on the web client.

    So I logged in as my user, selected a message on my inbox and pressed the spam button. It was moved to my Spam Folder.

    Then I logged in the Administrator console, selected the spam training account and used the see mail button to login as that user.

    In that user inbox there are not any messages (actually in none of his mail folders we can see any messages).

    I tried to train spam directly with the zmtrainsa on my account and it works. So the problem I have is that no mail is copied to the spam or ham training accounts when a user press the spam or no spam buttons (junk or not junk I think in english, my system is in spanish, sorry)

    I have been trying to find out any log the gives me a clue that what is wrong, but find none that give me any information related at why the system is not copying the email to the train accounts

    here are my spam related settings

    zimbra@sumtec4:~> zmprov gacf | grep -i spam
    zimbraMtaAntiSpamLockMethod: flock
    zimbraSpamCheckEnabled: FALSE
    zimbraSpamHeader: X-Spam-Flag
    zimbraSpamHeaderValue: YES
    zimbraSpamKillPercent: 75
    zimbraSpamReportEnvelopeFrom: <>
    zimbraSpamReportSenderHeader: X-Zimbra-Spam-Report-Sender
    zimbraSpamReportTypeHam: ham
    zimbraSpamReportTypeHeader: X-Zimbra-Spam-Report-Type
    zimbraSpamReportTypeSpam: spam
    zimbraSpamTagPercent: 33

    Any help greatly appreciated

    ***** SOLVED

    I have split domain, and the system was checking on my main server for a valid email address and rejecting those mail as do not exists one the main server. Added and now it is working
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