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Thread: stats not running

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    Default stats not running

    Dear All,

    I have Zimbra OSE 7.1.4 and suddenly it was found that i could not access the login page.
    checking it showed mr the services were not running.
    i restarted the services but some services were not running

    after restart of the machine the services were running except stats which showed stop

    i could also excess the zimbra web login page and I could login also

    now when I do a zmstatctl status it shows me

    Running: zmstat-cpu
    Running: zmstat-allprocs
    Running: zmstat-proc
    Running: zmstat-vm
    process 462 in /opt/zimbra/zmstat/pid/ not running
    Running: zmstat-mysql
    Running: zmstat-io-x
    Running: zmstat-mtaqueue
    Running: zmstat-io
    Running: zmstat-df

    i tried to restart zmstatctl restart but no use
    i also see in the /opt/zimbra/zmstat/pid/ file owned by root

    when i stop the stat service there are no files in /opt/zimbra/zmstat/pid directory except the file owned by root

    can i delete this file safely

    also just wondering what could be the reason .

    there is also a path for ose 7.1.4 . can i apply that patch too.

    just i forget to mention that there are about 750 users and i created the users with a bulk add users script. would this matter

    apprecite your kind help and advice


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    Dear All,

    I restarted the Machine in the night and when i checked all the services were running fine
    actually i could not shut down the server in the working hours since our users do work continuously.

    by the way anyone has applied the patch .. ??? just wanna know and be sure




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