We have some users who run a program that "works great with Gmail" but doesn't seem to do what they want with Zimbra. All it does is compose an email and uses SMTPS to send it out. When working through Gmail, the outbound message gets saved in the user's "Sent Mail" folder, but when we point it to our Zimbra server the mail flows just fine, but there is no copy left in the "Sent" folder. And these users want a history of what's been sent.

As I understand it, the Sent folder is usually managed by IMAP in a typical mail client and that SMTPS handles the actual message sending. I don't have any client side tools work with because it's all embedded into the app and the only settings we have are SMTPS username, server and password.

The only thing I could think of is to create a postfix rule that works only on a single address to automatically CC a message, but I have no experience doing that sort of thing. Might there be some other way to make this work?