Hi all,

I've searched through the forums but couldn't find anything recent that can assist me with this question.

I'm trying to pipe email for a certain address to a script. This appeared to be simple enough by modifying /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/aliases, which doesn't seem to be working. To keep it simple, I decided to add a line "test: jon" which I believe should send any emails to test@domain.com to jon@domain.com.

I then found out it may read from /etc/aliases, so I added an entry to that as well. I've restarted postfix ('postfix stop ; postfix start') and still the mail just bounces back.

Am I missing something? Does postfix not read either of these files? Or is there a command I need to run to get it to notice the change? I would think restarting would be enough.

Any help would be appreciated!