greetings all,
New to zimbra and the IT world, my organization needed an IT so I was tagged in. I am good with computers but have little experience with zimbra or linux, or asking for help on forums for that matter.

A user (not the creator) with admin privileges to a shared folder (email not document) right clicked and chose to "Empty Folder" then agreed to the popup asking if they were out of their mind. This permanently deletes the emails instead of putting it into their trash, thus the prompt to confirm. However, "tough beans" was not an acceptable answer to my boss so now I have to try to recover it and I have no where to turn.

Ive searched google and this forum, I found mmorse's post:
which was outstanding in terms of recovering from store files but the only one I could understand was method 1. Which is a huge help but it does not preserve folder structure and Im looking for the emails from one particular folder that had emails from multiple users and dates. Is there anyway to restore all their messages to a temp user with directory structure in tact maybe then port back the folder I need to the original user?

Helpful info:
ZCS Opens Source Edition
version 5.0.11
OS: Ubuntu 8 64bit

Thanks in advance, you guys are lightyears ahead of me with this stuff but I aspire to one day be as good as you guys. This is a wonderful program with an outstanding user base.