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Thread: rsync backup error incremental incomplete

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    Default rsync backup error incremental incomplete

    Hi everyone, I have just followed the next processes to do the backup of my ZCS open source with rsync but when I restore the backup, It is incomplete.

    1) I have the next accounts in my zimbra installation

    2) I stop my zimbra service

    zmcontrol stop

    3) I do the full backup with rsync in the local server

    rsync -avHK --delete /opt/zimbra /dirx/zimbra.back/

    4) I start zimbra

    zmcontrol start

    5) I create a new account

    zmprov ca hello123
    zmprov ca hello123

    6) I stop Zimbra service

    zmcontrol stop

    7) I do an incremental backup with rsync

    rsync -avHK --delete /opt/zimbra /dirx/zimbra.back/ ( this backup is faster more than the first backupp because this is incremental )

    8) Now a I want to test my backup and delete the /opt/zimbra directory

    rm -rf /opt/zimbra

    9) I restore my backup

    rsync -avHK /dirx/zimbra.back/zimbra /opt/

    10) I restore permissions

    chown -R zimbra.zimbra /opt/zimbra

    11) I start the zimbra service

    zmcontrol start

    12) I want to see my accounts to check if my last accounts created still are

    zmprov -l gaa

    But: In this point only the next accounts are showed

    There are not the u4 and u5 accounts previously created.

    Somebody can help me with this problem, thanks.

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    When I do an rsync of Zimbra I usually use the options -avH --delete and I don't use -K.

    I don't see why this should matter in your case, but perhaps it's worth a try.

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