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Thread: Migrate Zimbra

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    Question Migrate Zimbra

    HI Friends,

    in my organization we are using zimbra mail server for internal only.
    now we are trying make a new single server (on Cent OS 5.5) which can work as a internal and as well as external mail server,
    my problem is we are changing the zimbra doamin (ex: name is different from the old name (ex:
    so Please suggest me how to migrate? zimbra Accounts / Mail boxs / Ldap .. Please suggest the better steps to do.....

    Both old and new servers are in CentOS. but domain names are different .....

    Thanks in Advance

    Ragahv K.

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    Perform the migration first, then change the domain name. Or change the domain name first, then perform the migration. Either way should work.

    ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Ajcody has some good notes on server move topics: Ajcody-Notes-Server-Move - Zimbra :: Wiki

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