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Thread: New Server - a few questions

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    Default New Server - a few questions

    Currently, I have the open source edition of Zimbra, v. 7.1.3 on a Debian server. Because Debian is no longer being supported, I'm setting up an Ubuntu Server 10.04. Based on the help articles I understand that I need to install the same edition on the Ubuntu server in order to best migrate all the settings from the current server to the new one. That's no problem. I assume there will be no problem then upgrading to the current 7.2.0 version.

    Assuming that I am correct so far, my real question is this. The ultimate goal will be to move to the Network Edition. Is there any reason why I should not proceed in this manner?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Hi Cavaughan,

    That sounds very sensible. I'd advise though taking a look at the following wiki page. It has a lot of very useful info about server moves, upgrades, etc.
    Ajcody-Notes-Server-Move - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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